Interactive 3D Floor Plans Display and Website Embedding Options

Open the Interactive 3D Floor Plans with a Standard Link

The application can be linked directly with a standard HTML link using an image or plain text: Example Text Link

Links can be used both in emails and on web pages. The application automatically opens to the first plan. To link to a specific plan see “Link or Embed Individual Floor Plans” below.

Link to Individual Floor Plans

Specific plans can be linked directly.

The link for a plan can be found by loading the application and selecting a floor plan in the drop down menu. The URL at the top of the browser is the link for that plan, which can then be used for individual linking and embedding. Here are example links:


Embed into Your Web Page

The application can be embedded into a web page using a standard iframe html element.

In the example below, the iframe loads the interactive 3D Walking Tour application from this URL:

Settings for the iframe element can be seen on the iframe page.

Example iframe embed method

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