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Interactive 3D Walking Tours: Your Virtual Decorated Models


Click to Open Example 3D Walking Tours


Interior Navigation
Navigate freely throughout the interior of the 3D Floor Plan.

Touch Screen Enabled
Ready to use in on-site web enabled touch screen kiosks*.

Birds-Eye View
View the 3D Floor Plan from an aerial view to easily visualize the layout.

Embed in Your Website
Embed into your website’s graphic interface or link to the 3D Walking Tour directly. View embed options here.

Cross Browser Compatible
Operates on modern browsers without the need for plugins.

No Hosting Fees
Unique url hosted at at no additional cost and with no reoccurring fees.

Mobile & Desktop Friendly
Mobile touchscreen compatible, including the iPad™, iPhone™ & Android.™

Designed to Match On-Site Units
Details such as cabinets, backsplashes, ceiling fixtures and trim can be matched to your units.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the 3D Walking Tour Match the 3D Floor Plan?

Yes, each Tour is designed using a 3D Floor Plan including additional revisions to match the interior of your units beyond the aerial view design. This generally includes matching cabinet layouts, adding backsplashes, adding light fixtures and designing additional project specific details.

What Furniture Style is Included?

3D Floor Plans and Tours include your choice from one of our pre-designed furniture collections. Custom furniture, fabrics and colors can be added for an additional fee.

How Many Rounds of Revisions are Included?

4 rounds of revisions are included and additional rounds can be purchased as needed.

Can I Embed the 3D Walking Tour into My Website?

Yes, the Tours are designed with a neutral graphic interface to allow the application to be embedded into your branded websites and web-enabled touch screen kiosks. You can view embed options here and an example property website with an embedded tour here. We are happy to help your web team with integration details. Website graphic design and programming integration is not part of the Tour service.

Where is the 3D Walking Tour Hosted?

Tours are hosted at Here is an example link:

Can You Include Exterior Views from Windows?

Yes, we can include generic images of trees or you can supply on-site panoramic photography to match your property’s views. You can view an example here.

Will the Tours work on Tablets and Smartphones?

Yes, the Tours are designed to work on modern mobile browsers, including Tablets and Smartphones. This includes the iPad™, iPhone™ & Android™ devices.

Do you offer 3D Walking Tours for Amenities and Building Exteriors?

No, at this point in time we do not offer Tours of amenities and building exteriors.

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