2D Furniture Decorator

3d apartment floor plans

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The 2D Furniture Decorator is an online application designed for prospects to stage your floor plans. Use your current floor plans or purchase new 2D Floor Plans.

Interactive Application

2D Furniture Decorator

Increase engagement by allowing prospects to stage your 2D Floor Plans.

The intuitive user interface allows prospects to arrange furniture in your layouts and then share their designs with family and friends. The application operates in the browser using the latest HTML5 technology and is touchscreen ready for operation on Android™, iPhone™ and other mobile devices.


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What’s Included?

Intuitive User Interface

Natural controls allow prospects to decorate rooms without the need to learn complex navigation.

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Touchscreen Enabled

Designed for use in on-site web-enabled touchscreen kiosks.

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Mobile & Desktop Friendly

Desktop & mobile touchscreen compatible, including the iPad™, iPhone™ & Android™.

Embed into Your Website

Embed into your website’s graphic interface or open directly with a link.

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Attract More Prospects Online

Increase leases and sales by allowing your prospects to visualize themselves in your units.

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Increase Engagement

Prospects are more engaged with your property when they can arrange furniture in your floor plans.

Share via Social Media

Prospects can create unique layouts and share them with family and friends.

HTML5 Technology

Operates on modern browsers using HTML5. Plugins or downloads, such as Flash, are not needed.

2D Floor Plans

Purchase of 2D Floor Plans is not required to order the 2D Furniture Decorator. Your current floor plans can be used. However, 2D Floor Plans can be ordered if needed or desired.



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$750 One-Time

+ Free Hosting


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Yes, the 2D Furniture Decorator is designed to work on modern mobile browsers, including tablets and smartphones. This includes the iPad™, iPhone™ & Android™ devices.

Floor Plans can be provided by you or ordered from us (additional charges apply). Any type of 2d floor plan can be used, including black and white or colored floor plans.

Yes. The 2D Furniture Decorator is designed with a neutral graphic interface to allow the application to be embedded into websites and web-enabled touchscreen kiosks. You can view integration options here.

The 2D Furniture Decorator is hosted at 3DPlans.com. Self-hosting is not an available option.

No, the application operates in the browser and requires no separate download. It can be opened directly from a link or embedded within your website.

Yes, furniture pieces are designed to real world dimensions and each floor plan is adjusted to real world dimensions when it is added to the application. The accuracy of the supplied floor plans will determine the relative accuracy of the furniture. Floor plans which do not include dimensions are adjusted to the approximate real world scale.