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A 3D Glimpse Inside the “Friends” Apartment
  • Monica’s Iconic Apartment: Our 3D model brings Monica's cozy, purple-walled apartment from “Friends” to life.
  • Yellow Picture Frame: Discover the accidental yet iconic yellow frame around the front door peephole.
  • Detailed Kitchen Recreation: We meticulously recreated Monica’s kitchen, capturing memorable items like the yellow cabinet and red stand mixer.
  • Purple Living Room Charm: The spacious living room features the famous purple walls and eclectic furniture, including the cozy couch and bay-blue window.
  • French Poster: The vintage ‘Jouets’ poster behind the TV is a nod to the detailed set design, adding a playful touch to the room.

Hey there, Central Perk fans! Today, we are taking a walk down memory lane to step into one of the most iconic set stages from the late ‘90s and early 2000s in 3D: Monica’s apartment from the sitcom “Friends”. Many of us caught ourselves dreaming of living in that cozy, purple-walled apartment while binge-watching the show.

Our team at took up the challenge to match everything from the floor plan design to the small details like the plaid blanket on the side chair. As you explore, you’ll discover the little quirks that made this unique apartment feel like home. 

The Yellow Picture Frame 

Right after stepping inside the apartment, you’re immediately drawn by an open design in the main living space. But, before you continue, you must turn around quickly and appreciate a special detail at the front door. What many don’t know about this yellow statement piece around the peephole, which became synonymous with the show, is that it was placed there purely by accident, after a member of the crew broke the mirror that was originally within the frame. They hung it on the door, and since it looked good, it stayed. It’s such a small detail, but so significant, since it has come a long way both on-screen and off as the symbol of “Friends”.

Late Nights in the Kitchen

With some 3D magic, the team recreated Monica’s kitchen, the place where her dictatorial culinary tendencies produced amazing Thanksgiving feasts and holiday memories. The familiar yellow cabinet above the fridge, the wooden table with its red stand mixer, and the microwave, all hark back to iconic moments — such as when Joey famously got his head stuck in a turkey. 

The floral-patterned cloth below the sink and the wooden countertops are also meticulously rendered, reminiscent of the disastrous yet hilarious scene where Rachel’s traditional English trifle, which tasted like feet, was made. And you can almost hear the echoes of their laughter and the clinking of mugs during those late-night talks in the mismatched chairs.

The Iconic Purple Living Room

As we step into the living room, we can’t help but notice the iconic purple wall, an emblematic feature that defines the space. The living room, surprisingly spacious for a New York apartment, has an eclectic mix of furniture that has seen more secrets spilled than a diary. Most of the show’s iconic conversations took place in front of the television, where you’ll see the cozy couch with different-colored cushions and plaid blanket, surrounding the coffee table. Adding to the room’s charm is the natural light from the large bay-blue window overlooking the street that not only brightens up the space, but is a silent witness to Ugly Naked Guy’s escapades across the way.

The different colors throughout Monica’s apartment might seem crazy to some, but they somehow work well together (remember, she was a chef, and presentation is everything!). As you view the interior, you find yourself not only surrounded by the characteristic purple walls but also by the table lamps, and sconces, that create the cozy and familiar atmosphere that lights up the space

French Poster

Monica’s apartment features vintage posters, with the most iconic one being the ‘Jouets’ poster behind the television. This particular poster, a vintage French advertisement from the 1900s for children’s toys, depicting a child on a rocking horse, appears in almost every scene set in the apartment throughout the series. This poster is an example of the attention to detail in Monica’s apartment, carefully designed by the 3D team. While the image could seem insignificant, and might not have any important meaning, it added to the playfulness of the room, and later on became one of the fingerprints of the show.

A 3D Goodbye

The exterior of the building has become a tourist attraction in New York, so much that fans have gathered outside of 90 Bedford Street after news broke of Perry’s death, to pay tribute to the comedian, leaving notes that said: “the one where we all lost a friend.”

Matthew Perry may have left us sooner than we expected, but Chandler –along with Monica, Ross, Rachel, Joey, and Phoebe – will forever be there for us, whenever we need a smile and a reminder of friendship. Here’s to their memories and to endless reruns.

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