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Generally, yes. Our 3D Floor Plans have been used on various touch screen applications such as those made by,, and Interactive 3D Floor Plan compatibility with a specific platform should be verified before moving ahead with a project.

Yes, we can custom design 3D furniture pieces using reference photos of the real furniture. The cost is per furniture piece designed and most pieces are $75.

Yes. Simply send us your client’s files, have us to do the design work, and you can resell the plans. 3DPlans is your back-end 3D floor plan designer of choice. You can view additional details here.

Design time depends on the number of floor plans and properties involved in the project. Single property projects generally take 3-5 business days to receive proofs. Rush projects can have proofs ready as quickly as 1-3 business days. Multi-property projects can take several weeks to months. We work on projects which range in size from a single floor plan to 1,000+ floor plans.

Each 3D Floor Plan includes both a JPG and 4K PDF. Examples can be downloaded here.

The 3D Floor Plans are decorated using our professionally designed and pre-assembled furniture collections. Changes to collections, such as adjusting furniture pieces, swapping pieces from different collections, and changing colors/fabrics, is an option at an additional cost.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a 3D Floor Plan Designer

The Ultimate Guide
to Choosing a
3D Floor Plan Designer

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• 8 Crucial Questions You Must Ask
• Expert Advice from America’s Largest Management Companies
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