Frequently Asked Questions

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How long do the 3d floor plans take to design?

Design time depends on the number of floor plans and properties involved in the project. Single property projects generally take about a week to receive proofs. Rush projects can have proofs ready as quickly as 24-48 hours. Multi-property projects can take several weeks to months. We work on projects which range in size from a single floor plan to 1,000+ floor plans.

What files will I receive when the 3d floor plans are finished?

Check each product page for details regarding what is included. Standard 3d floor plans include both print and web files. Examples can be downloaded here.

Is there a monthly fee?

Each 3d floor plan includes the files you need to post your 3d floor plans online or add them to print pieces. You may use these files as you wish for your properties and there are no monthly fees. Interactive 3d floor plans may have hosting fees, see product descriptions and your proposal for details.

Can you custom design furniture?

Yes, we can custom design 3d furniture pieces using reference photos of the real furniture. The cost is per furniture piece designed. Each project is quoted individually.

Can I mix individual pieces from your pre-assembled furniture collections?

The 3d floor plans are decorated using our professionally designed and pre-assembled furniture collections. Changes to collections, such as adjusting furniture pieces, swapping pieces from different collections, and changing colors/fabrics, is an option at an additional cost.

Can our 3d floor plan files be provided in vector format?

Renderings are raster based images and are created in raster based formats such as TIF, JPG, PNG or Bitmap. Renderings are not able to be supplied as true vector files. There are two solutions which should meet needed print or web requirements for using the 3d floor plans: 1) The 3d floor plans can be supplied at a resolution where there will be no visible difference from vector files. As an example we offer poster resolution files. 2) The 3d floor plan can be added into files which have a vector format, such as .ai or .eps.

Can the 3d floor plans be used on our touch screen application?

Generally, yes. Our 3d floor plans have been used on various touch screen applications such as those made by and Interactive 3d floor plan compatibility with a specific platform should be verified before moving ahead with a project.

Do you offer a 'white-label' service to allow our studio to offer 3d floor plans?

Yes, we work with many agencies around the United States. Feel free to call or email with questions regarding how to setup this process.

Do you design single family homes?

We work on a limited number of single family home projects. This includes projects such as with national home developer Beazer Homes. Projects are reviewed on a case by case basis.

Do you sell 3d floor plan design software?

No, we offer a 3d floor plan design service.

Can we have the 3d model of the 3d floor plan?

No, the 3d floor plans are sold as renderings. We do not sell 3d models and we maintain the rights to all 3d models we create.

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