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Why use 3DPlans?

Learn How Properties Use Visual Marketing to Improve Sales and Lease Units Site Unseen


3D Walking Tours Outperform On-Site Model Units at a Fraction of the Cost

When a property is still under construction, it can be a real challenge to get leases signed. Today’s prospects want more than a vague idea of what the property will look like when it’s done. They want to see exactly what they’re getting, down to the layout of their particular unit. For that, you need a 3D Walking Tour.

What is a 3D Walking Tour?

It’s a virtual tour of a 3D Floor Plan created to match the real-life unit. It’s not a photo slideshow, but a lifelike 3D rendering that allows your prospects to virtually tour the unit at their own pace.

With a 3D Walking Tour, you can show prospects exactly how the finished units will look. And you can do it instantly, even while the property is still under construction.

If you don’t have any on-site model units available yet, or you aren’t able to walk prospects through the units, a 3D Walking Tour can be one of your most valuable assets.

Plus, 3D Walking Tours have unique advantages that make them actually more effective and lower cost than model units.

3D Walking Tours look every bit as attractive as real units.

All of the interior finishes in a 3D Walking Tour are specially designed to match the completed unit. Elements such as flooring, lighting, windows, cabinet styles, even the handles on the cabinets — they can all be customized to match.

We can design custom light fixtures, custom faucets, or any other special details. Any elements inside a unit can be modeled in 3D. Just provide us with a photo and dimensions, or a link to the item online. Our team can render a virtual version that looks every bit as good as the real thing.

We also offer a wide variety of furniture to virtually decorate each unit. You can select from one of our existing collections, or customize the colors and other details to match your company branding.

The aerial view combines the best features of a floor plan and a walk-through.

Every 3D Walking Tour includes an aerial view of the 3D floor plan. That gives the prospect a bird’s eye view of the entire unit, something that simply isn’t possible with an on-site model unit.

The prospect can click anywhere on the 3D floor plan to go inside the virtual unit and get a closer look at the details.

Prospects can take a virtual walk-through anytime, anywhere.

One of the biggest advantages of a 3D Walking Tour is that it can go on your website for touring 24/7. Apartment shoppers can start virtually exploring units instantly, right on their mobile device. That gives your property a tremendous advantage over the competition.

Prospects can see every floor plan layout.

Even though your property has several different floor plan layouts, it’s not practical to have a model unit of every single layout. But with a 3D Walking Tour, it’s no problem. You can offer prospects a virtual tour of every single floor plan, so they can see exactly what they’re getting.

A 3D Walking Tour pays for itself in no time.

On-site model units can be a huge expense. Once you add up the cost of furniture, accessories, hiring a designer, and everything else involved, the average model can cost $10,000 to $20,000 up front. 

There is also a hidden cost: the model unit isn’t collecting any rent. A unit that could have been rented for $1500 per month represents $18,000 in lost revenue per year.

Having a 3D Walking Tour eliminates all of those costs. You can rent out the unit that you would have been using as a model, and let prospects take virtual tours instead.

Find out more about 3D Walking Tours.

3D Walking Tours let the prospects see what the real-life units will look like before they’re even finished. Plus, they give prospects a helpful aerial view. Prospects can see exactly what each unit will look like, even if you have several different floor plans available. Best of all, prospects can start touring 24/7 right on their own devices. Besides offering your property tremendous cost savings, 3D Walking Tours give your prospects a better experience.