Black & White 2D Floor Plans

apartment complex floor plans


Time Frame

1st Proof in 3-5 Business Days


Each Black & White 2D Floor Plan is designed as a new marketing floor plan from your supplied files. You will receive unlimited rounds of changes and a JPG and vector PDF upon approval.


Black & White 2D Floor Plans

Traditional floor plans are still a staple for many property marketing websites and leasing offices.

Our experienced drafting team designs accurate, affordable and easy to read plans based on your architectural or existing marketing drawings.

Black & White 2D Floor Plans are designed to match the layout and features of your supplied floor plan drawings. The floor plan details are clearly depicted with professional architectural symbols and labels for marketing purposes. Room labels are added to identify rooms and dimensions are included if supplied with the floor plan drawings. Each project includes unlimited rounds of changes until approval.

Once approved, your Black & White 2D Floor Plans will then available for downloading in JPG format for use online and in vector PDF format for use in print marketing.


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What’s Included?

Room Labels

Room labels can be placed within the center of each major room.

Vector File Format

PDF provided in vector format with infinite scalability combined with small files sizes.

Accurate Details

Accurately drawn by experienced drafters and architects.

Easy to Read

Drawn with just the design elements needed, without unneccesary architectural details.

Affordable Price Point

Competitively priced without a reduction in quality standards.

Quick Turnaround

First proofs ready in 3-5 business days and revisions in 1-2 business days.

Unlimited Rounds of Revisions

Request changes to your Black & White 2D Floor Plans until you approve.

Web & Vector Print Files

JPG file for web marketing and vector PDF with a transparent background for print marketing.

Generic Flooring

Generic hardwood, tile or carpet flooring can be added at your request. 



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Design time depends on the number of floor plans and properties involved in the project. Single property projects generally take 3-5 business days to receive proofs. Rush projects can have proofs ready as quickly as 1-3 business days. Multi-property projects can take several weeks to months. We work on projects which range in size from a single floor plan to 1,000+ floor plans.

Each Black & White 2D Floor Plan includes both a JPG and vector PDF. Examples can be downloaded here.
At this time, we do not offer furniture for this product. However, we can add furniture into our Standard 2D Floor Plans.

No! Unlike many studios, we offer unlimited rounds of changes for Black & White 2D Floor Plans until you approve.

Dimensions are included if they are provided on the supplied floor plans. If the supplied plans do not include dimensions our design team is unable to accurately extract dimensions and only room labels will be included.

Yes! Black & White 2D Floor Plan final files are provided in vector PDFs.

No, Black and White 2D Floor Plans require different design elements and software than 3D Floor Plans. If you order both each will be designed separately. If you are ordering 3D Floor Plans you might consider Standard 2D Floor Plans. These can be designed from 3D Floor Plans and include a significant discount when 3D Floor Plans are ordered.

Generally, yes. Our Black & White 2D Floor Plans have been used on various touchscreen applications such as those made by,, and Interactive Black & White 2D Floor Plan compatibility with a specific platform should be verified before moving ahead with a project.

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