Learn How Properties Use Visual Marketing to Improve Sales and Lease Units Site Unseen

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Does Realism Matter? Photo Real vs. Generic 3D Floor Plans

72% of apartment shoppers are willing to lease a unit without visiting a property if they can see it virtually, according to a recent study from Matterport & Zumper. That means your 3D floor plans need to be accurate enough to feel like real life, in order to persuade those prospects to sign a lease remotely.

Prospects want to understand what the unit really looks like.

The secret to leasing site-unseen is to convince prospects that what they see is what they’ll get. To do that, your 3d floor plans have to reflect the real on-site apartments. 

If you use more generic-looking 3d floor plans that don’t quite match the photos, the prospect will notice. Every detail that doesn’t match raises a concern in the prospect’s mind, and causes friction in the leasing process.

Let's face it, most 3D floor plans aren't all that accurate.

When you look at the average property website and compare the floor plans to the photos, you’ll start to see details that just don’t match up. 

The windows might be wrong. The flooring might be a different color. The bathroom layout might be off. The floor plan might show white appliances instead of stainless steel.

That’s not very helpful to the prospect who’s shopping for an apartment online.

Once they start trying to mentally visualize the unit, they will realize that the floor plan they are looking at doesn’t match the photos.

Chances are, they will wait to lease until they can visit the property in person and see what it really looks like. That delays the entire process, and requires more support from the leasing team.

It also gives the prospect plenty of opportunities to look elsewhere.

How do we create photo-accurate 3D floor plans?

Here at 3DPlans.com, we do things a little differently. 

We start with photos of the finishes: cabinets, floors, counters, appliances, and so on.

Then we match everything up to photos of the existing unit. Or if it’s new construction, we work from architectural drawings.

We look at each floor plan through the eyes of the prospect, and make sure that everything we design lines up with real life.

We carefully align so many little details, because those are the details that matter.

For example, the door style. It is a two-panel door? A six-panel door? 

We look at the cabinet handles. The appliances. We make sure the kitchen sink is the same style, whether it’s a double or single bowl, an over-mount or under-mount.

We spend a lot of time looking at windows, believe it or not, because there are so many different types of windows at different apartment properties. To get them just right, we study photos of the exterior of the property, and design the window style to match before we add it to the floor plan.

There’s a reason our floor plans are trusted by America’s largest management companies. Nearly everything we design is so accurate that it could practically pass for the real thing.

Accurate 3D floor plans make prospects more likely to rent site unseen.

When a prospect sees a 3D floor plan that looks just like the photos, it builds their trust. They feel more comfortable about the property, whether they have actually visited in person or not. 

When they can see that the layout is accurate, they can picture themselves living in the apartment. It helps them feel like this is already their home. That makes it much easier for them to make the decision to lease online.