Discover How Your 3D Floor Plans are Designed to Match Your Property

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Then Each 3D Floor Plan is Furnished Like a Designer Model

Elegant Furnishings Accent Each Room.

Choose from furniture collections designed with the latest trends and styles.

Your rooms will be decorated with furniture you would expect to find in a luxury residence. Once furnished each room will appear elegant and sophisticated.

House Plants, Area Rugs and Artwork Make It Like Home.

In order to give your 3D floor plans a warm homely feeling each will be designed with the same accents you find in decorated models.

Area rugs are used to define spaces and add a flair of color. House plants liven up individual rooms – they look so real you’d think they were pictures. And you will find artwork specifically chosen to accent the surrounding decor.

A Fraction of the Cost of a Real Model Apartment.

How much did you spend on your last decorated model?

Furniture, interior designer, accessories, window coverings? Add it up. An interior redesign costs thousands and thousands of dollars.

Using 3D you can have professionally decorated models at a fraction of the cost of a single real model. In addition, you can now afford to have a model of every one of your floor plans, rather than just one or two.


  • OnSite Model
  • 3D Model

Careful Furniture Staging Makes Your Apartments Feel Spacious.

Each room is strategically staged to make it feel more spacious.

Living rooms are left with proper walking paths so they feel open. The dining room size is assessed to fit an appropriately sized table. Layouts include desks when possible to show prospects where they can fit a computer. These details will help your prospects imagine themselves living at your property.

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