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Top Greystar Manager: 3D Floor Plans Help Sales Every Day, I Recommend to Everyone

When it comes to creating 3D floor plans to market properties, sets the standard for Greystar, according to Kyle Bouffler, Manager of U.S. Strategic Property Marketing for the largest property management company in the United States, and third largest in the world. “It really helps from a marketing perspective when I can give someone a virtually staged floor plan and they can envision how the space would look with furniture in there. It’s almost like a dollhouse view. They can see exactly how their life would be,” Bouffler says.

Getting high-quality floor plans done on time and under budget used to be a challenge. Earlier in Bouffler’s career, when he worked on student housing for another company, they focused mostly on two-dimensional floor plans and site maps. But when he joined Greystar and started using 3DPlans, the difference was remarkable.

“Like night and day,” Bouffler says, comparing the experience he’s had versus other vendors. Floor plans that used to take a month or more came back beautifully finished in just one week. He quickly found that 3DPlans proved themselves to be the right choice as his go-to vendor.

3D floor plans so advanced, they’re actually simple.

“Being able to edit the floor plans so easily, in my experience, is what makes them so much better than the competition I have used. That easy interface and customer service experience goes a long way in my world,” Bouffler says.

“You can get on the computer, even if you want to sit down with a client, and make edits to the actual proofs in real time. Once you submit it, it goes right to the designers, so there is no confusion,” Bouffler says. “I think that level of communication is one of the biggest advantages. They’ve streamlined the entire process.”

Since day one, Bouffler has worked exclusively with their team, having more than 300 floor plans designed. “As soon as I had a lease-up or we acquired a property that needed a floor plan or some sort of collateral piece done, it became almost a no-brainer to reach out to 3DPlans. Just because they are such a huge help to work with,” Bouffler says.

“As soon as I got one of those projects, I looked forward to emailing them because it was such a great customer experience,” he adds. “Even though they must have a whole lot of other stuff going on, so many different clients, the amount of time that they put into our unique and specific projects makes us feel like we are the only ones working with them.”

The key to leasing and selling units site unseen.

Three-dimensional floor plans can be a powerful sales tool for units that aren’t finished yet, or for prospects who aren’t able to visit in person. While Bouffler hints that he might not personally buy a unit without seeing it for himself, he has witnessed firsthand just how many people are perfectly willing to lease a unit site-unseen after they view the 3D floor plans.

“We have a few properties that are not necessarily fully complete. All we really have is the 3D plans, or some sort of virtual staging or virtual tour. In those cases, it’s not uncommon to see people sign site-unseen,” Bouffler says. “Especially for some people who are moving cities, and can’t come see it anyway. It is almost a necessity to have those floor plans, and it helps our sales efforts every day.”

“Every experience with them has been incredible.”

When asked if there was ever a time when 3DPlans let him down, Bouffler gives an emphatic no. “I’ve truthfully never had a bad experience with 3DPlans. Every experience with them has been incredible,” Bouffler says.

While managing projects over the last few years, he has come to depend on their trouble-free service. The fact that they are always willing to go above and beyond has saved the day more than once.

“On one specific property, there was a time when we needed an edit immediately. It was one of those things where my client was upset about something else, and they needed two or three changes made to the site map. And they needed them yesterday. So I reached out to 3DPlans, let them know the situation, and they were able to turn it around and make those changes literally within 30 minutes,” Bouffler says. “I really have no issues, no complaints, nothing but praise for everyone at 3DPlans.”

Accurate. Effortless. Indispensable.

To date, Greystar has had more than 375 projects completed, including 3D Floor Plans, 2D Floor Plans, Site Maps, 3D Walking Tours and the 2D Furniture Decorator.

Bouffler is careful to point out that practically every project he handles comes to him with an attached budget, deadline, or both. Because of those restrictions, choosing the right vendor is crucial for anyone in his position. The three most important considerations are cost, turnaround time, and quality floor plans.

“I would say 3DPlans cuts my time in half, and I’m confident that they have the quickest and least-stressful turnaround times I have ever experienced. Truthfully, they beat out the competition in terms of pricing. They are quicker than most other vendors, with a better customer experience. And definitely the level of customization that you can get into is just top-notch compared to others,” Bouffler says.

But there’s one more consideration that’s equally crucial: finding a vendor you can trust to deliver the quality you expect, every time.

“It’s a personal relationship, a very personal back and forth, just a great experience overall and the quality of the product is always on point,” Bouffler says. “They are one of my favorite vendors. From the customer experience standpoint, and the product that they deliver, they are honestly 10 out of 10. We’re really happy to continue working with 3DPlans. I recommend them to everyone.”

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Kyle Bouffler

U.S. Strategic Property Marketing at Greystar

“It really helps from a marketing perspective when I can give someone a virtually staged floor plan and they can envision how the space would look with furniture in there…They can see exactly how their life would be.”