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“It was nothing short of a week-long process to do something that should’ve been produced in just a day or two,” says Genienne Hernandez, discussing the frustrations she used to experience with getting colorful three-dimensional floor plans made to help lease and sell more units. 

Hernandez is the Regional Marketing Director for Lincoln Property Company, the nation’s second-largest multifamily manager, with properties located all over the country. While three-dimensional floor plans attracted more residents, the problem was that her providers were difficult to work with. They didn’t have an efficient process in place for submitting materials or making changes to plans, so she had to constantly keep tabs on every individual project. 

“It required a lot of oversight on my behalf,” Hernandez says. That took her attention away from her real work. “What we do here is important, because we’re helping people find their homes. As cheesy as it sounds, we’re making people happy every day.”

Things finally had to change in 2012, when a large project came through that none of her existing vendors could handle. “We were coming up on a lease-up and we needed to create floor plans right away. We reached out to several agencies, but they were just very high in cost,” Hernandez says.

The secret to choosing a new vendor: word of mouth.

Knowing she needed a top-quality new vendor quickly, Hernandez reached out to her business network and asked for a recommendation. “I try to never be the first person to try a new product or vendor. That’s my secret to staying sane,” Hernandez says with a laugh.

The response she received was overwhelmingly positive: go to In fact, they came so highly recommended that she almost didn’t believe all the praise she was hearing.

“I expected that they would tell me that 3DPlans was great at this and not so good at that. But nobody had anything bad to say about them. The word-of-mouth was that they were really easy to work with, and overall just fantastic,” Hernandez says. “You know, I was skeptical going in. I thought, okay, let’s see if they can meet my demands.”

Flawless implementation: “I know it sounds unbelievable.”

From the day Lincoln first started using 3DPlans, everything went smoothly. Her expectations were not only met, they were far exceeded. 

“They have an amazing proofing system, and they’ve made it so simple to use. You just log in, put in your order, and upload the information they need. It’s easy to access,” Hernandez says.

In this fast-moving field, the particulars of a project can sometimes change on short notice. One of the prime benefits of working with 3DPlans is being able to make any necessary changes or adjustments effortlessly. 

“Anytime I need to, I can go in and place a change order. For example, maybe we thought this particular floor plan was going to have a door here, but when they built it, the door ended up not being there. I can just go to, write them a note on the order, and they will change it. Everything is so easy the way their system is set up,” Hernandez says. “It cuts down on emails and phone calls back and forth. It’s just a pleasure to work with them.”

Rapid turnaround, excellent service, and exceptional value.

Quick turnaround time is crucially important to the success of her projects. “I need everything yesterday. When I send stuff over to them, as soon as we have all the collateral that they need, they always set up my expectations for when I should receive the files from them. Their representative reaches out to me and says, you can expect it by this date. Then, pretty much every time, they deliver even earlier than expected,” Hernandez says. “That’s a big thing for me.”

Switching to 3DPlans also brought significant cost savings, too. “Most other companies charged double to three times more for an inferior product, and it took them three times as long to produce it. That’s why 3DPlans is now my go-to vendor,” Hernandez says.

She’s pleased with the higher quality of the plans she receives from 3DPlans. “Sometimes we literally just have black and white architectural drawings, and they’re able to bring them to life. They do a nice job at making them vibrant and beautiful,” Hernandez says.

She is also quick to point out the impeccable service she receives from the 3DPlans team. “I’ve always had the same rep there, and whenever she goes on vacation, they always have somebody covering for her who gets back to me right away. Overall, they just make it so easy to use their services. I think that’s the key. I’ve never had any problems at all. Not even a hiccup,” Hernandez says. “I know it sounds unbelievable, but everything they do is very accurate.” sets a new standard for 3D floor plans.

As the second-largest management company in the United States, Lincoln Property Company has a greater need for three-dimensional floor plans than almost anyone else in the country. 

Since 2012, they have worked with 3DPlans on more than 100 projects, including 3D Floor Plans, 2D Floor Plans, Site Maps and 3D Walking Tours.

“We work with 3DPlans on our projects from coast to coast. Just to give you an example, right now I have 12 lease-ups that are in process, and 12 brand-new communities that need floor plans created for them. All we have to work with is some development files. We don’t even have a physical product that we could take pictures of, or anything like that. As you can imagine, this could be a pretty heavy process. It could literally be my full time job, if not for 3DPlans,” Hernandez says.

When asked to put a number estimate on how much time and money 3DPlans has saved her company over the years, Hernandez thinks it over carefully. “It would be very difficult to quantify,” she says. “But I probably would have quit my job by now if I didn’t have them.”  

Today, despite a crowded field of competitors, 3DPlans stands out as the premier provider. No one else even comes close, according to Hernandez. “They know what they’re really good at doing, and that’s the core of their business. With their products and their customer service, they have taken everything to the next level,” she says. “I can’t say enough good things about them. They’ve just made the entire process wonderful. I give 3DPlans very little to work with, and they do a fantastic job. They create magic.”

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Genienne Hernandez

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“They have taken everything to the next level…..They’ve just made the entire process wonderful. I give 3DPlans very little to work with, and they do a fantastic job. They create magic.”