2D Basic Site Maps

2D Basic Site Map



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Time Frame

1st Proof in 3-5 Business Days


Each 2D Basic Site Map is designed with a unique 2D look and feel to represent your property and highlight amenities. Unlimited rounds of changes until approval. Final files include JPG for web and vector PDF for print.


2D Basic Site Maps

A 2D Basic Site Map is a map of a multi-family property designed in a vector format in the style shown. The map displays amenities, guides residents and prospects, and showcases the property.

A 2D Basic Site Map is similar to a 2D Realistic Site Map. The primary difference? The 2D Basic Site Map is designed in vector format, which allows for infinite zoom and a unique 2D look and feel.

The map is designed from your existing map or satellite photography and includes roads, amenities, parking, and building locations and numbers. Amenities are visually highlighted such as your clubhouse, pool, leasing office, dog park and more. Each map includes attractive design details like vehicles, a North compass, trees, walking paths and water features.

Once approved, your 2D Basic Site Map will available for downloading in JPG format for use online and in vector PDF format ready to add to your print marketing.


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What’s Included?

  • Included
  • Additional Options

Building Numbers

Building numbers are added to identify each building on your property if supplied.

Attractive Details

Sidewalks, parking spaces, vehicles, North compass, trees, and water features are highlighted.


A key details amenities such as your clubhouse and fitness center.

Vector File Format

PDF provided in vector format with infinite scalability combined with small files sizes.

Quick Turnaround

First proofs ready in 3-5 business days and revisions in 1-2 business days.

Quality Control

Reviewed by our Quality Control Team before your team receives proofs.

Unlimited Rounds of Revisions

Request changes to your 2D Basic Site Map until you approve.

Dedicated Project Manager

Every step along the way, a dedicated project manager is available to answer your questions.

Unit Numbers

Unit numbers can be added into your 2D Basic Site Map using your supplied references and images for an additional cost.

Additional Levels and Versions

Multiple levels or different versions can be created of your 2D Basic Site Map for an additional cost.






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Yes! Since 2D Basic Site Maps are supplied in vector format, the regular final files can be expanded to any size without any loss of quality. The shape of each property is different and the size of your poster may need to be adapted to fit the width and height of your specific site map.

Multiple levels can be shown on a single image or multiple images. On a single image, the map can show unit numbers side by side. On multiple images, each image can show a different level of the map.

Both are similar. The primary difference: The 2D Basic Site Map is designed in vector format, which allows for infinite zoom and a unique 2D look. The 2D Realistic Site Map is designed in a 3D application, which allows for a more realistic look and feel although it is shown in 2D.

Go here for a detailed comparison of the two styles.

A Site Map is focused on the entire property and its exterior details. It showcases details such as the location of buildings and amenities, parking spaces, road names, and other exterior details. While basic interior building details can be added, the site map is primarily focused on the property’s exterior.

A Building Map is focused on an individual building, its various levels, and interior details. It showcases details such as interior outlines of each building, interior amenities, specific rooms, stairs, elevators, and so on. While basic exterior details can be added, the building map is almost entirely focused on interior details.

Unit numbers can be included for an additional cost. Building numbers are included at no cost.

Yes, a generic key/legend is included for each site map. It can be removed and the amenities highlighted on the map itself if requested.

Unfortunately, we do not design 3D site maps. However, a 2D Realistic Site Map gives the look and feel of a 3D site map, but is not technically a 3D product like our 3D Floor Plans.

Each 2D Basic Site Map includes both a JPG and vector PDF. Examples can be downloaded here.